Shipping Container Foundation

Shipping containers when used for foundation can add up to a greater savings on your build.First and fore most you will need to hire a engineer to help you jump through hoops with the building department, but once you have obtained your permit then you can proceed with your build.

Once you have excavated your basement you will need to make a foundation to set your shipping containers on.Generally there are two methods used for this, the first one is to install house wrap over the ground then cover with Styrofoam followed by 8ā€ of gravel. Take care to make sure that the Styrofoam is not placed where the shipping container corners are this is where the most load will occur.

The second method is to install a footing to set the containers on, then proceed as before but you will need to excavate on the inside of your footing for the gravel.

Once you have your containers in place you will need to seal then together.As for the outside you will need to install foundation wrap and weeping tile as with any basements ,Then back fill.

When it comes to the inside you can just install flooring over the shipping container floor, tile, wood, carpet or laminate.You will need to cut out parts of the containers ceiling for mechanical and plumbing as with stair location.All your cut out can be done by your fabricator ahead of time if you provide then with the drawings.

By using shipping container for you foundation you can speed up you build and save money, if you set up ahead of time all the components you need for your build you can have your basement set in place followed by your next containers and your trusses all on the same day.By doing it this way you will save more money on the crane.

I can start the day with a hole and end the day with a 8 shipping container 1280 sā€™ home with trusses in place.On a normal build this would take week for foundation and 3 to 4 days for the build. All this cost time and money so check out shipping containers for your next building project.

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