Framing interior walls for shipping container home

1280 container framing

Here we are containers are set the backfill is done , we have our trusses on, it is now time to get our build on.It takes a day to install the plywood on our trusses or if you are looking at a steel roof than a day to install strapping on the trusses.Once this is done you can go ahead and install the roofing material.

While the work on the out side is being taken care of it is time to get the inside going.Now you can go with wood studs or steel studs , most contractor work with wood . If you want steel and can not find a contractor to do it call your drywall guy up, almost all drywall guy install steel studding.

Now remember these are steel containers so you will need a ram set gun. you will need to install ceiling joist all the time keeping an eye on you finished height, you are only working with 9 feet.

As you are installing your studs you will notice that your window sill will be quite deep and your entrance door jamb will be as well this is because of the corrugation of the container walls.

For my homes I chose steel studs this way I can get a break on insurance cost, by using only product that are fire rated and energy efficient there are also government breaks and grants when you build smart.

Well the roof is going on the framing is started if this was a stick build you would be waiting for a few days to finish but not this one most days the framing for this house would take 2 days , so you need to have your other trade ready to move.

As soon as the roof is finish I have my electrician , plumber and heating guy here they can start in the basement and work their way up .Now as with all homes the mech. work takes the time it takesSo to speed thing up just make sure the place is clean and you have a carpenter there just in case they need a stud moved over or something of that sort.

Next we will look at the exterior work .

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